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The Jason and Pili Project

Nov 29, 2017

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HOW DID ADAM BEGIN: "I tell the same joke overtime but it's a true story. I was a terrible kid. I got grounded once for a whole year. I think I was fifteen. And my Pops was a pilot. He'd fly off to fly planes for Southwest airlines. And he had this whole business bookshelf. And he told me if you start picking books off that bookshelf and writing books reports and we talk about them, I'll take time off your sentence."

Adam went to school for Entrepreneurship, Finance and Real Estate. He got into business with his father right before the last crash. The crash happened. Jumped in as a junior partner into a office condo development that fell apart. Some homes were foreclosed on... There were some lean learning years...

In 2011: Adam begins buying small multi families. Leverages them and begins his SFH Wholesaling and Flipping career.

HOW ADAM DID IT "BACKWARDS": He was able to raise money to purchase Multifamilies before he got into SFH. YOU DON'T NEED TO FOLLOW A PRESCRIBED PATH!!! Find a path that works for you...

ON MENTORSHIP: "It's usually the guy that's sitting at the back of an REI event." Look for the guys that don't "blow smoke up..." "Ask the right questions... don't be afraid to look stupid."

"Put yourself in a situation to BE HELPED."


Selfish why: "My Kids. My Family..."

Selfless why: "I want to give money away"

GO TO: for one of the organizations Adam supports.

ACTION STEP: "Go ask thirty people, you want as a coach, about their Family Life, Business Life and Spiritual Life. ... Find somebody that has done it the way you want not only the result in the finances..." Listen for Pastor Adams HUGE GOLDEN NUGGET!!!

WORDS TO LIVE BY: "We run our business with the assumption that "Most people are inherently good." We make the assumption to assume the best of people."

Call Him At: 719-421-9100

Thank you so much to Adam for SO MUCH VALUE!!! And thank you to you for listening!