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The Jason and Pili Project

May 26, 2017

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We want to introduce FOUNDATION INSPECTION FRIDAYS!!! In this short episode and very public accountability check, Jason and Pili delve into their sometimes chaotic business and discuss the past few weeks. They uncover how their Foundation has been shaken and cracked and the steps they are taking to heal those fissures to thrive.

CRACKS this week: Poor time management, Poor organization

HOW WE ARE FIXING: Hire and Delegate

WINS: Closed on 94 unit property!!! End buyer for high end flip! Podcast is gaining traction! Hired first Acquisitions Manager! Interviewing for Lead Manager! Systems are being fixed and oiled ... we are building our machine piece by piece.

Books we are reading this week:

Jason: Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever (Vol 1), Joe Fairless - second read!

Pili: Resisting Happiness, Matthew Kelly