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The Jason and Pili Project

Aug 25, 2017

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On Fridays we Deep Dive into different aspects of our Real Estate Business. The only way we can all learn is to be accountable... and Fridays gives us a chance to be held publicly accountable. So... we hope that you learn from our mistakes AND our successes!!!

TODAY: And speaking of SUCCESS: Stephanie and Zachary Betters are back to speak about FACEBOOK MARKETING!!! This POWER HOUSE couple has figured out the secret to finding MOTIVATED SELLERS on FACEBOOK and they want to share their secrets with you!

Words Of Wisdom: "You have to set yourself apart."


1. Create your Facebook Business Page
3. Ignore the Haters. (Good advice for life in general!)
3. Get in contact with Stephanie or Zach:
email Stephanie at:

Thank you for Listening!!!