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The Jason and Pili Project

Aug 23, 2017

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Nick Raithel has systematized writing a book. He is in the business of supporting entrepreneurs in leveling up their credibility by providing a way to stand out.

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First - Why would you want your own book?

Here are a few reasons (of many):

1) You'll be seen as an authority...
So prospects contact you - NOT the other way around
And your clients can send you more referrals

2) You'll get new opportunities, like...
Offers to travel and speak at events
Invitations to be on TV, radio, and podcasts
Consulting or coaching gigs

Now - What is "The 7-Hour Book"?

The 7-Hour Book is a system that allows you to get your own professionally-published book in just 7 hours. With NO work.

How does it work?

You answer questions on the book over Skype. (7 calls X 1hr./each)

Your answers are then used to create, publish, and market your book.

Everything is done for you - yet you remain in full control.

And the entire process only takes 7 hours of your time (NOT all at once).
That's why it's called, The 7-Hour Book.

Words of Wisdom:

"You need to stand out. You need to find a way to prove that you are credible."
"There is always a way to open any door."

Thank you so much to Nick for being on our show!

Thank you to you for listening!