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The Jason and Pili Project

Aug 27, 2019


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Devin Redmond has acquired, developed, and managed investment property both professionally and personally across Northern California since 2005. Devin has an innovative new software to share with real estate investors. He is currently Head of Customer Success at Stessa, a free software platform that gives millions of real estate investors with single-family rentals and multifamily buildings to track income and expenses, get organized for tax time, and securely store and retrieve key documents. Devin’s long-running love-hate relationship with Excel uniquely positions him to help end investors’ reliance on spreadsheets once and for all.


Some topics covered:

-How did Devin get started with Stessa?

-What is Stessa and how is it being used today?

-What stressors does Stessa alleviate for investors?

-What is the difficulty to switch over to Stessa for someone who is managing their own

properties and may be a bit unorganized?

-Does Stessa provide tenant screening or application process?

-Is there a size of property that exceeded Stessa’s meant for at this point?

-Where is Stessa growing into? What are they working towards?

-What platforms were investors using before switch to Stessa?

-What was the biggest pain point for Stessa to fix in the community?

-Best way to learn more about Stessa:


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