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The Jason and Pili Project

Jul 24, 2019

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Ross Stryker is the Founder and CEO of Smart Asset Opportunities. After 12 years serving in the military and over 20 years running a successful private practice, Ross Stryker realized if he didn’t alter his course he’d be trading hours for dollars forever. It was this belief that led him to launch Smart Asset Opportunities. He’s helped raise almost $100 million in total costs, and owns 40+ single family homes, 14 ATM’s, a coffee farm in Panama, apartment complexes, office parks, storage units, and ownership in a Belizean resort. Ross is living proof that your money is better off of Wall Street, and you can achieve financial freedom.

Some topics covered:

-What is Ross’s favorite investment that he’s involved in?

-What was the moment Ross knew he needed to alter his course and what was the first step he

took to stop trading time for dollars?

-What was the feeling of joining a mastermind with like-minded people?

-What did Ross’s first commercial project look like?

-What metrics are important to Ross and how is he filtering through sponsors to find the right  fit?

-In Ross’s opinion, what are the qualities a sponsor needs to show and have in order to trust and invest with them?

-What are some of the metrics Ross looks at in terms of self-storage investments?

-What does Ross find important when looking at property management for self-storage?

-Good, consistent, repeatable service is the key

-What does the next 5 years in Ross’s business look like?

-Words Ross lives by

-Ross gives his actionable step someone looking to start in real estate investing can take

-Best way to reach Ross:

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