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The Jason and Pili Project

Oct 31, 2019

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John Matheson Shares His Secret Weapon That Gives YOU the POWER When Talking to Banks!

John Matheson brings over 26 years of experience in developing, permitting, financing, and deal structuring on projects totaling over $50 million. In this episode, John shares how software can be used as a helpful tool to take away some common uncertainties when applying for a commercial loan.

Some of the topics covered:

-How to manage debt properly to prepare for recessions

-Creditable Commercial Lenders and best source for rate and term

-Using technology and software and the role it plays in, not only putting deals together but also taking away the stress and uncertainty of asking the bank for a loan

-What 3 things bankers look at and care about in Commercial Lending (16:50)

-Vetting the deal using the banker's metrics (Taking the guessing and waiting game out of asking for a commercial loan)

-The importance of preparation when applying for a commercial loan


-How software can also help with private equity partners

-Where you can find this software ($147 per screener)

-Special offer to viewers


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