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The Jason and Pili Project

May 15, 2019

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Bernard Reisz CPA, empowers individuals to optimize their finances, using proactive and
innovative strategies. He provides an integrated approach to tax and financial planning for real
estate pros, focusing on their unique profiles and opportunities. Bernard is the founder of, which gives investors direct control of their tax-sheltered funds for real
estate equity and debt opportunities using Checkbook Control IRAs, Solo 401(k)s, and
Checkbook Life Insurance. He is also the founder of, which provides tax,
entity, and financial services to real estate professionals, including real estate agents, real
estate investors, and mortgage brokers. Prior to founding ReSure, Bernard served as Director of
CoMetrics Partners, managing an array of engagements involving financial consulting and due
diligence. Bernard advised owners of closely-held middle market companies on advanced tax
mitigation strategies.
Some topics covered:
-What is Bernard doing now?
-Items of due diligence for beginners in real estate when preparing to build their business?
-Use a house flipping example of when you should set up an LLC
-How protected am I with the LLC set up?
-Should I have am LLC for every asset I have or group some together?
-Moving to Passive Investing and Syndication, is it safer to invest in an LLC or my personal
-Bernard goes explains what a Charging Order Protection is
-Other strategies when providing asset protection for larger syndications
-Asset protection type that Bernard likes to suggest to his clients
-How Bernard helps investors prepare themselves for investing in certain vehicles?
-Bernard explains what a QRP is and compares it to Solo 401(k)
-Best way to reach Bernard: or


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