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The Jason and Pili Project

Sep 26, 2018

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Justin’s why: Justin was used to putting money into the stock market, and investing that way, but after losing his father in a car accident, his family came into some money and Justin decided to move the money into passive real estate opportunities; commercial syndications. One of the biggest reasons he chose to move into real estate investments, is because of having a physical asset as opposed to a stock. In this episode Justin talks about his main three investment focus’ multifamily, mobile home parks and storage units. His vision for the future is to build out relationships with teams of opporaters who can help protect capitol wealth for future generations.

WORDS HE LIVES BY: “Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you’re right.” -Henry Ford. Experiencing failure and understanding it’s a part of life and business.

Thank you so much Justin for all your value!

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