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The Jason and Pili Project

Mar 14, 2018

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Emir, an Air BNB entrepreneur with 25 Units, brings an unconventional real estate investing method to the show today that you can't miss! He is in Charlotte, NC and creates his real estate income through Air BNB, but hears the hitch, he doesn't own any of the homes ...

GETTING STARTED: He got started after purchasing his first home and renting out the unit above his garage at shocking nightly rates and allowed him and his family to basically cover their mortgage. After the startup he worked out got acquired he jumped into this strategy full force!

HOW DO YOU SPLIT YOUR DUTIES WITH YOUR PARTNER, YOUR WIFE Family is always first and they allow that approach to carry over to their rentals. While Emir's wife tackles on the design stages of the property, Emir tackles the logistics of the property.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF IT WASN'T REAL ESTATE? Emir is a sports lover at heart and if he wasn't doing Real Estate he would love to delve back into entrepreneurship within the sports world.

HOW TO CONTACT EMIR: Email: Website: Thank you for listening! We hope you got as much value from this interview as we did.