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The Jason and Pili Project

Dec 31, 2020

When Maurice graduated from University of Virginia, He had a nagging urge not to be stuck in an office for life. He self-studied ‘Financial Freedom’ which, to him, meant ‘Time Wealth’ and the ability to live life where and how he wanted. He learned you could generate time with passive income -- cash flow shows up without the 9-5 office grind. Mobility meant not doing things or taking on expenses that locked him into one location and using systems to operate one’s personal and business life anywhere in the world. He wanted to zig zag the globe and immerse in culture – a deep passion of mine. When He was hired by his first, and only, company, he quickly learned chasing corporate titles meant nothing to him; ‘LIFE’ and helping people did. He didn’t want to compete, he wanted to create.

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