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The Jason and Pili Project

Nov 30, 2020

Use these five steps to begin the path to a brighter future.


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Nov 29, 2020

Today, Jason dives in on some changes Pili, the family and he are making over the next few weeks and how they are using that change to learn and grow.

Do you fear change so much that you stay stuck in a place that you don't like being? Are you surrounded with mediocrity and allow that to be your life because the thought...

Nov 26, 2020

Chris Michael Harris has built a multiple 7-figure business from his college apartment only to learn he had a precancerous condition and soon watched his business crumble. Leaving him financially destitute and with multiple lawsuits. Chris immersed himself in health and wellness, treating and eventually reversing his...

Nov 24, 2020

Be the master of your own goals!

Thank you so much for listening! WE ARE SO GRATEFUL!!!!

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Investing for Lifestyle...

Nov 23, 2020

Mandy McAllister is a multifamily real estate investor, mindset ninja, eternal learner, coach, and connector. She followed volleyball to Mercer University in Georgia where she was awarded Top Graduate in Marketing.  Soon after, she moved to Chicago to do a Masters in Economics and began work at the Board of Trade. Her...