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Sep 9, 2019

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We are excited to welcome back Scott Maurer to the show. Scott recently joined us on episode 236 (link below). Scott is Director of Business Development with Advanta IRA. Scott dives into why you need to be using retirement funds to in real estate. How with a self-directed IRA from Advanta IRA, retirement funds can be used to invest in rental properties, rehab projects, private loans, multifamily syndications, and much more. Also, Scott breaks down how if you are self-employed, Advanta IRA can offer a low cost QRP or Solo 401(k) plan to maximize your retirement savings, invest in real estate, and avoid UBIT tax. And lastly if you are raising capital or have a network of passive investors, Advanta IRA can help you unlock the trillions of dollars that sit in retirement accounts.

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