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Jul 17, 2019

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Ivan Barratt is a multifamily unit owner and syndicator who specializes in FHA and Agency financed projects. Since 2015, Ivan Barratt has raised nearly $60 million in equity, acquired over 2,500 units and grown Barratt Asset Management (BAM) to a best-in-class; vertically integrated, asset and property management firm. Today, Ivan focuses his time on equity finance, acquisitions and company strategy. Currently, his companies manage well over $250 million in assets, comprising nearly 3,500 units.

Some topics covered:

-How and why did Ivan get started in real estate?

-What were some of the key takeaways for Ivan when he worked in real estate development and what advice would he have for people in development now?

-What were some of the mind-set goes Ivan used when he was in debt around 2007, to push through and not give up on real estate?

-What are some key factors to look for when looking for a 3rd party property Management Company?

-How has owning and running a property management company helped Ivan when buying and running his own assets in his portfolio?

-How has Ivan prepared his portfolio for the next 1-2 years in the current multifamily market and where it is heading?

-Not thinking “the show is going to stop anytime soon” but preparing everyday like it is

-How has Ivan’s conversations grown with investors by going from a syndication to a fund model?

-Fund Model – Multi Asset PPM

-For a newer investor, does Ivan think moving to a Multi Asset PPM is a more advanced step or is it a more risk adverse step right now?

-What are Ivan’s favourite strategies to finding off-market multifamily deals?

-With the rapid growth of his business, what is one of the key components Ivan is working on fine tuning right now with his business?

-What does Ivan’s daily routine to make him the most productive?

-Words Ivan lives by?

-Ivan’s advice on some key steps someone starting their multifamily journey can take

-Best way to reach Ivan:  or or call his office at 317-762-2625

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