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The Jason and Pili Project

Jul 25, 2018

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Ever wonder how to work with Brokers to buy large multifamily properties!?!

Today Tyler Chesser breaks down the ins and out of creating a long term win- win Broker Client Relationships buy Large Multifamily !!

Tyler Chesser has been a licensed commercial real estate sales professional since 2013 after several years in international marketing and franchise development for a global restaurant corporation.

In May of 2018, Mr. Chesser obtained a Kentucky Broker's License (license # 241965). Recently recognized as a “Rising Star” Under 30 internationally in commercial real estate by CCIM Commercial Investment Real Estate (CIRE) magazine, Tyler has helped procure over thirty million dollars in sales agreements since his introduction to the brokerage industry. His uncanny grasp of market complexities, a deep passion and skill as a leader, and a mastery of investment analysis formed a perfect match in commercial real estate. 


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