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The Jason and Pili Project

Jun 22, 2018

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It's Foundation Inspection Friday!

On Fridays we dive into the FOUNDATIONS of our business.

Today is all about getting back your life starting with taking your day back one day at a time.

The word of the day is C-R-E-A-T-E.

This was brought to us and has been highly impactful in our lives and we wanted to pass it along to help in yours...

Create The Day Before The Day Chooses For You

1. Five Steps to CREATE your day!

1. C - Clarity

1. Find your Clarity by starting a Journal. Even on the days that we

are the busiest we take a moment to write down 3 things that we

are Grateful for that day. Start there.

2. R - Reading

1. Great book to start with is “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.

This was the first book that really broke it down for us.

2. Two other great teachers to follow: Tony Robbins and Tim Ferris.

3. You’ll find that this list here is similar to what these teachers

promote. We have incorporated insights from these and other

teachers and made the best version for us. FIND WHAT WORKS


3. E - Exercise

1. We suggest at least 30 minutes everyday of something that gets

your body moving and your heart pumping!

4. A - Affirmations

1. Affirmations are “I am” Statements. You are reprogramming your

brain to focus on the better version of YOU!

2. Check out Pili’s Facebook page for her Daily Affirmations.

5. T - Thought

1. Quiet time for you to “just be.” Prayer, Silence, Self-Meditation

and Guided Meditation are great examples of ways to set your

mind on the right path

1. One great app for Guided Meditation is: Headspace

6. E - Energy

1. Create positive energy in your mind and body by incorporating all

the above into a POSITIVE VISUALIZATION! If you can see it, you

can achieve it! Get excited about your day. Get pumped about

the life you will CREATE! Create a vision board TOGETHER.

Create and surround yourselves with the positive ENERGY you

will need to achieve success in your day.

So grateful to you for listening!

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