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Feb 7, 2018

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We had the pleasure of interviewing with owner of Blue Spruce, Adam Adams. Along with Blue Spruce, Adam runs multiple business that vary from lending hard money to producing a weekly podcast. Adam has an amazing story and shared with us valuable information about mindset, networking, and persistence. Thank you Adam!

"I got started in real estate because of my father. He owns storage units and has always had rentals. He did a lot of fix and flip but we lived there. We would move into a place, put up walls, and redo some electricity then move out and rent it. I always thought that was normal. My Dad made read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad, which hopefully everybody's heard of. If you haven't definitely pick it up. In 2005 my start in real estate was a tax deed. So I bought it for $100 with my Dad and we sold it for 12k and I got to keep all the proceeds. That was really my start in real estate."

"Taking action has always been a part of me. Maybe it was my mother that instilled in my heart and brain that I could do anything I want. I believe it whole heartily. I believe that any human being out there, anybody listening, if you want to buy 10,000 units in the next ten years, there's no problem with that. Just take whatever your goal is and start to think of all of the details then work backwards. Who do I need to meet, what do I need to learn, what do I need to wear? Make all those details happen and you can achieve your goals way easier than you think. 

"We fail big everyday, we have been failing big since the beginning. I know I will fail again tomorrow, and it'll be big. But the way I get through all challenges is by keeping the vision alive. We are always looking at where we will be. We go through it, over it, around it, or under it. Or you just turn around and find the path of least resistance."


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Thank you for listening! We hope you got as much value from this interview as we did.