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Jan 30, 2019

Casey Denman is the expert when it comes to investing in Tax Defaulted Real Estate. On today’s show Casey shares how to get started in this lesser known and more creative real estate investment strategy without a substantial capital. Some off the topics covered: What is tax defaulted real estate. The...

Jan 28, 2019

It's one thing to find a great property... but another thing to be able to sell it at the end of the hold. Today's podcast focuses on buying a property, having a strategy and implementing that strategy with an end buy in mind.

If you are focusing on 12-50 unit properties that may be one buyer type focused solely on...

Jan 25, 2019


Today we talked about how we visualize our goals and outcomes. We take time every morning to tap into the excitement, the blessing it is to have another day to GET IT DONE!!!
Thank you! So grateful to you for watching!

As always we thank you so much for your support.

If you like what...

Jan 23, 2019

Ellie Perlman has overcome many challenges to become the successful real estate investor she is today. Ellie chased and achieved her long-time dream of becoming a lawyer, after graduating in four years with excellence in an accelerated track for outstanding students, holding both a Bachelors and Masters in Law. After...

Jan 21, 2019

Welcome back to Multifamily Monday! On Mondays we discuss Multifamily Investments on the REI Foundation Podcast.
Today we are talking about investing out of state. A lot of people think investing out of state is too risky. There will always be risk when investing so don't let that fear stop you. Do your due diligence...