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Dec 31, 2018

With 2019 knocking on the door we want to make sure you are aligning your focus with your
goals. To help with this we will be launching “The Multifamily Minute” quick one minute or less
segments focusing on all things to help you play the long game with multifamily investing!
Happy New Year!!!
As always we thank you...

Dec 28, 2018

It's Foundation Inspection Friday!

On Fridays we dive into the FOUNDATIONS of our business.

We just welcomed our third child. It has been an amazing week and we are so grateful to be creating a lifestyle that will continue to give us freedom for the future starting now.

Today we want to encourage you to take those steps...

Dec 26, 2018

Tim Milazzo is the Co-founder and CEO of StackSource, an online platform for Commercial
Real Estate Loans where customers can connect to top commercial mortgage lenders, receive
real loan quotes, and close with confidence. Tim comes from tech giants, Facebook and
Google, where he helped expand B2B marketplaces and ad...

Dec 24, 2018

A follow up to Friday’s show and throwback to the skill set Sunday episode of Jason on the Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice Ever podcast. Jason discusses how they returned over 75% of investor equity on their 94 units after only 13 months.

Happy Monday! Thanks for listening!

For a full list of episodes :...

Dec 21, 2018

Best Real Estate Investing Crash Course Ever!

Today we revisit the time Jason shared his Best Ever advice on Joe Fairless’ podcast aptly makes the Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice. Enjoy!

We appreciate you for listening.

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