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Aug 31, 2018

Happy foundation inspection Friday, and welcome to the Real Estate Investment Foundation Podcast with Jason and Pili! Today we are hitting focus on surrounding yourself with the best. Life is all about who you chose to surround yourself with, in the next few weeks we are going to talk about the different people in our...

Aug 29, 2018

In this episode of Real Estate Investment Foundation Podcast, Andrew Cushman gets real about the risks he took leaving his full time job to jump full force into real estate investing after closing his first deal. 

HIS PUSH? Andrew and his wife made a pact with each other to not give up on investing until after their...

Aug 27, 2018

Happy Multifamily Monday! 

Today Pili takes the wheel of branding your business. Here are some of the key steps from today's video: 

-Create a clear vision for your company and your brand.

- Ask yourself some of these questions; What's my pitch? What is the objective? What are the goals not only for the company but...

Aug 24, 2018

Happy foundation inspection Friday!! Today's topic is all about the road to success. Remember to focus on where you are now and the steps that your taking to get where you want to be. Don't let set backs destroy what you've built, build upon those set backs. The road is always being built, and mistakes will happen so...

Aug 22, 2018

 In this episode of the Real Estate Investing Foundation we find out how Chris and Lauren Cranford became top notch real estate investors in Texas, all the way from Shanghai, China! 


"Creating a business plan and sending it to our inner circle for advice, input...