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Sep 27, 2017

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Be prepared for laughter and a great conversation with two leading real estate investors and HOUSE HACKING!

Ben Leybovich is a father and husband. Real Estate Investor. Teacher. Writer. Consultant. Creator of the Cash Flow Freedom University. And author of Brandon Turner's favorite book, "House Hacking".

Ben invests in multifamily residential real estate. Most of what he does is long-term investments. His specialty is creative finance. His preferred mode of acquisition is 100% financing. He is the creator of the Cash Flow Freedom University (CFFU) - an educational program with an emphasis on creative finance of multifamily assets.

Darren Sager is Ben's friend. For more information on Darren please go to Episode 29 see link below.

ON SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH THE BEST: These gentlemen have created a "Real-Estate Love Triangle" that includes a three-way text that they all plug into daily. Imagine the awesomeness and the idea flow that comes from the minds of these investors!!! BOOOOOM!

ON HOUSE HACKING: Buy the only book written on the subject at:


This has been by far the most fun and a great look into the friendship of two great real estate investors. Perhaps one day we can get all three!!!

So grateful to Ben and Darren for being on our show! So grateful to YOU for listening!