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Sep 20, 2017

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Melissa Johnson wanted FREEDOM. Over 10 years ago Melissa and her husband Danny, both left solid software developing jobs to dive in to Real Estate Investing. Almost a year ago, Melissa completely took over the house flipping and wholesaling business!! Melissa is a POWERHOUSE! On this podcast Melissa shows us her roadmap to financial freedom through FOCUS, TEAM BUILDING and having the STRENGTH to take the REINS!

ON SCALING THE BUSINESS: "You realize that you do want more freedom... but we were realizing that because we were wearing all the hats ourselves, that if we wanted to take a vacation... EVERYTHING WOULD STOP." That is not freedom.

"I've become the queen of Delegation."

ON THE (Not so) HOSTILE TAKEOVER: "I just had this HUGE epiphany... What are we doing here, We have two businesses and we are both trying to be involved in both of these things. Doesn't it make more sense to split them both apart?" Melissa explains the AHA moment that takes their Empire to the NEXT LEVEL!

ON BUILDING A TEAM: It's okay not to be good at everything!!! This is why you build a team. This is how you make your business EXPLODE!

HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THE OVERWHELM: Taking daily pauses and writing in a planner. Bootcamp and Muy Thai.

ON THEIR NEW SOFTWARE!!!: "We are real estate investors CREATING SYSTEMS for real estate investors"


"Constant evaluation of what's working and not working."
"Give yourself Grace."
"I honestly love what I do... I like that we are able to help people, get them out of situations. I love being able to transform a house that was totally disgusting into something amazing."

QUOTE ON MELISSA'S DESK: "Do what's right. Not what's easy."

ACTIONABLE STEPS: "Education and a Mentor."

BOOK TO READ: "The One Thing."

Where to find Melissa:

Flipping Junkie Podcast.

If you are looking for cheap houses in San Antonio to buy for investment or just want to buy investment properties or fixer upper houses, visit:

Melissa's husband, Danny has also developed a comprehensive course that teaches how to get started flipping houses by wholesaling. This is the absolute best way to get started without much money or time. You can find out more about the 6 week online training at:

Melissa and Danny have also created a software system to keep track of leads, follow ups, repair estimates, deal analysis, closings, team members and really just about everything that has to do with a house flipping business. If you want to find out more, check out:

ALSO... Look up Flip Pilot on Facebook!!! For Investors looking for the high level view of their businesses!!!

Thank you so much to Melissa Johnson for her time and amazing awesomeness. And thank you to YOU for listening!