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Jul 26, 2017

J. Darrin Gross: Networking, Diversification, and Getting into Something BIGGER.

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J. Darrin Gross is a Real Estate Investor and a Commercial Property Insurance Broker.
As a Real Estate Investor, Darrin understands first hand the importance of increasing a property value and containing to improve Return on Investment needed for investors to continue growing their portfolio equity value.
His insurance practice focuses on working with Real Estate Investors, Lenders, Developers of properties such as; Apartments, Retail, Office, Creative, Warehouse & Industrial. Since 1989, Darrin has worked with international carriers and specialty programs available to few brokers that provide rich coverage policies for his clients.
Whether you are well established or considering your first Commercial Real Estate investment, there is no insurance broker with more means to provide you the help needed to grow your portfolio.

Darrin's Educational Platform: Commercial Real Estate Pro Network, was born out of a constant effort to learn more and have a bigger conversation about Commercial Real Estate Investing. It is designed to be a resource for investors and professionals engaged in Commercial Real Estate. There are multiple ways to engage or digest the available information.

Some words of Wisdom!!!:

ON LEARNING ABOUT REAL ESTATE: Talk with people who are doing it. Network.
ON FINDING DEALS: Patience is a virtue.
ON PAYING FOR DEALS: Pay attention to the numbers ... the numbers don't lie.

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Go to for a free one on one consultation AND a 48pt Hazard Checklist for Investment Property Owners.

Thank you so much for being on our show, Darrin!

And thank you to YOU ALL for listening!