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Jul 21, 2017

Foundation Inspection Friday: Finding Deals with Kevin Dowling

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FOLLOW UP : If anyone sends you a deal, especially brokers... GET BACK TO THEM. Even if the deal does not work. Analyze the deals that they send you and do the numbers with them. Teach them the way you do things and let them get to know EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED.

NETWORK: Network with property management companies. STAY IN CONTACT with all your contacts. Ask the property managers who they like working with to help you build out your team.

BE SUPER PROFESSIONAL: It is the only way to get the introductions you will need to expand your business in the territories you choose. You want to establish yourself as THE BUYER to go to.

Thank you for listening! So grateful for your time. If you learned anything from this episode of REI FOUNDATION please leave us a rating on iTunes!