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Jan 23, 2019

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Ellie Perlman has overcome many challenges to become the successful real estate investor she is today. Ellie chased and achieved her long-time dream of becoming a lawyer, after graduating in four years with excellence in an accelerated track for outstanding students, holding both a Bachelors and Masters in Law. After graduating, Ellie got a job at a prestigious law firm in Israel, working on fascinating real estate transactions and representing large real estate companies. After being on the legal side, Ellie wanted to explore the business side of the real estate transactions. She then decided to get a job as a property manager, keeping tabs on more than 300 properties within a few years. Ellie had a drive to grow and improve her business skills, which led her to apply to, and attend MIT, where she graduated from the MBA program and learned how to build businesses and scale their operations. After graduating from MIT, Ellie pivoted her career and became a real estate investor and entrepreneur. Today, she combines her passion for real estate with her experience in real estate law, property management and business.


Some topics covered:


-How did Ellie get started in real estate?

-Ellie’s backstory

-How Ellie persevered and overcame her challenges.

-What did Ellie look for in a mentor and how she found it?

-Ellie’s vision, strategy and execution

-What did her first deal look like?

-Investing with family and friends

-People invest with people

-Ellie’s tricks to raising capital using social media

-What is Ellie’s WHY?

-Where does she see herself in 5 years?

-What steps should someone start if they want to get into real estate?

-Words she lives by

-How to reach Ellie:  or

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