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Jul 3, 2019

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David Hansel is the Co-Founder and President of Alpha Funding Solutions one of the largest hard money lending companies on the east coast. David is also a founder and managing member of Lucern Capital Partners a real estate private equity firm focused on value add and opportunistic alternative investments that owns and manages multifamily and commercial properties throughout the east coast. David has a diverse real estate background spanning 20 years that includes construction and development to capital raising and lending. Through his leadership Alpha Funding has built out a streamlined and comprehensive origination, underwriting and servicing system that has allowed the company to thrive and deploy over ½ billion in private capital to real estate investors for fix and flip, fix and hold, ground up construction, commercial and multifamily bridge loans. David is also responsible for the capital raising and management of the firm that is made up of both institutional investors along with a stable of over 175 high net worth individuals. His deep knowledge in real estate as a lender has also help guide the growth and management of Lucern’s substantial real estate equity portfolio that has consistently provided both the company and investors above market returns.

Some topics covered:

-What was that pinnacle moment David decided to go into real estate?

-Why does David think so many real estate agents are hesitant to invest in real estate themselves?

-What are the core components David looks for when looking at partnerships?

-David talks about starting Alpha Funding and what that step looked like and what their business looks like today

-What have been David’s big “ah-ha” moment since starting Alpha Funding?

-What is Alpha Funding’s core focus today?

-What are the questions a borrower should be asking a lender?

-Common mistakes first time borrows make and should avoid

-What role can leverage play in building a sustainable real estate business?

-How does David see the landscape changing for Alpha Funding over the next 2-5 years and how does he see them adapting to that?

-What are the core principles or philosophy David instills in his daily activities to make him most productive?

-Words David lives by?

-Advice David would give to a real estate investor that’s just starting?

-Best way to connect with David and his team: or email or call 732-657-2014


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