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Jun 5, 2019

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Gary Holloway Jr. is the President of GMH Capital Partners – the real estate investment, operations, and development subsidiary of GMH Associates. Gary draws on nearly 20 years of acquisition, commercial real estate, and property and asset management experience to oversee the company’s current portfolio of real estate assets and research for multifamily investment opportunities both domestically and internationally. Since its inception in 1985, GMH has completed more than $8 billion in transactions consisting of major property types including conventional multifamily, student housing, and office and retail throughout 41 states.

Some topics covered:

-When did Gary decide to get into real estate and what was that pivotal moment?

-What are the vital components when working/partnering with family?

-How have the family members come upon their roles?

-What is Gary’s business model/philosophy?

-Why did Gary decide to go forward with the project he’s currently working on and what is the ultimate outcome?

-Is there a size of project that Gary goes after to meet certain metrics?

-Is there a core focus for how much Gary can allocate to land to how much to allocate to construction cost for the project to make sense?

-How is Gary able to go into so many states and be productive with his outcome?

-What are the important metrics when deciding on a student housing opportunity?

-What is a good starting point for someone looking to get into development?

-What are the core components Gary looks for when evaluating a General Contractor for his projects?

-In terms of student housing development, is there a certain distance the project has to be from

campus in order for it to make sense?

-Is Gary’s/GMH’s business model for these projects, hold for long term or sell at some point?

-Looking at his model, what do the next 5 years look like?

-Does Gary have a core process to his day or a daily routine that allows his to be the most productive?

-Gary’s advice for people looking to get into real estate and what are some actionable step?

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