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Mar 18, 2019

Dave Foster is a degreed accountant and a real estate investor with 20 years of experience. He is a Qualified Intermediary and 1031 Exchange Expert who specializes in finding tax strategies for buy and hold investors, including those interested in transitioning to syndication. Dave has worked in all phases of real estate investing – from large scale development to single family homes and vacation rentals. He has a keen eye for opportunity and a clear vision for reducing the impact of taxes. His particular focus on basic and advanced 1031 Exchanges has made him a popular guest speaker for local realtor associations, investment clubs, and podcasts. He teaches agents, investors and advisors alike the ins and outs of 1031 Exchanges and other tax and investment options. A fun fact about Dave is that he lived aboard a sailboat for 10 years and now helps others reach their dreams.


Some topics covered:

-What does Dave do?

-Why does the government give us the option of a 1031 Exchange? What is the benefit?

-Dave walks us through the process of a 1031 Exchange

-A great strategy for buy and hold investors looking to use 1031 Exchanges

-What are the restrictions on the assets someone can go into using a 1031 Exchange?

-Rules regarding a doing a 1031 Exchange with your primary residence if you move out

-Dave goes over what the requirements are for a primary residence

-Dave breaks down what would happen if an investor wanted to use a 1031 Exchange to invest in a syndication?

-What is a tenant in common?

-What does Dave say to syndicators who don’t except 1031 Exchanges because it’s too “hard” to do?

-What does a 1031 Exchange investor, involved in a syndication, do with their return when a property is sold?

-Defensive Investing…what is it?

-How to use defensive 1031 Exchange investing strategy in a down market

-Where to get in touch with Dave: or


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