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Mar 15, 2019

Danny is an author, entrepreneur, host of a real estate mastermind, national speaker, and volunteer with The First Tee. Danny owns over $130,000,000 of real estate. He has over half a decade of professional experience working as a financial consultant. He advised multi-billion dollar companies and helped them achieve results in areas that include improved revenue performance, increased profit margin, and enhanced technology utilization. His passion for financial freedom started when he was five years old running small businesses to make extra money. In high school, he read real estate books and studied finance to understand the power of owning assets. His commercial real estate knowledge (from books) gave him and Caitlin the courage to buy their first investment property, which was a $1,000,000 building.

Within the company, Danny is focused on building relationships, investment analysis, and planning.

Danny and his partners are currently focused on investing in 150 unit plus multifamily properties valued between $10-$50M that generate positive cash flow and have value add opportunities to achieve investor returns.

Caitlin Randazzo is an experienced business woman, entrepreneur, and investor. She has experience in multiple industries which includes fashion, wellness, and design. She was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. She spent a decade between New York City and San Francisco running her own businesses before returning home in 2016. Her fascination with real estate truly began the first day she met Danny in 2014 on a boat in Vietnam. He explained he owned his home in the Bay Area and his cost of living expense was $450 a month. After that day, she immersed herself in real estate podcasts and books to learn how a portfolio can change lives. She has deep real estate knowledge through education and real life experience as her and Danny continue building their portfolio. She is the architect behind many of Randazzo Capital's ventures and creative ideas. Her role within the company is focused on branding, design, and investor relations.

Some topics covered:

-The wealth lesson for kids’ 5 part book series they are coming out with and why they created


-Why is money a taboo subject, particularly within a family?

-Passing on the “keys to the kingdom” to your children

-The age range for this book series

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