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Oct 24, 2018

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Sam and Ben connected and began underwriting deals and syndicating. Together they just purchased a $15 million dollar 98 unit property putting $1.5 million dollars into it. This deal they got through a broker they have a business relationship with. Success is all about spreading the word, getting your plan out there and having people invest in you and support you!

Learning Lessons- Involve professionals as much as you can, let the people who specialize in what you need, do it!

Fundraising- RAISE MORE THAN YOU NEED!! if you need 3.5 million, push for 5 ! Having the extra raise, helps you sleep at night. Tell everyone what your doing, spread the word!

What’s next for Ben & Sam? 1,000 units by 2020!

Thank you so much Ben & Sam for all your value!

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