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Mar 28, 2018

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Matt is the founder and CEO of Fund That Flip. His Company provides fast, affordable and reliable bridge loans to experienced residential real estate investors. 


Prior to founding FTF, Matt held leadership roles in Sales, Marketing and Technology development for a large commercial risk management firm. He also dabbled in real estate on the side. After being unable to find a reliable lender for his projects, Matt created Fund That Flip in order to provide a better experience for real estate investors. The company has built proprietary technology to make the borrowing experience first-class from loan application all the way through payoff. They have a diverse source of capital which includes their online "crowdfunding platform", institutional investors and lines of credit. This allows them to match borrowers unique needs with the right capital. Over the last 3 years Matt has scaled FTF from just an idea to a 25 person company with an office in NYC and Cleveland and are now closing millions of dollars in loans each month.


Words to Live By:


Fund That Flip’s Company Values… HUSTLE. H - Hardwork. If you want extraordinary results you need to put in extraordinary effort. U - Unity. We’re in this together. Teamwork Matters. S - Success. We are not in this to lose. We value winning so let’s figure out a way to Win! T - Transparency. We share company financials on a monthly basis with all 25 employees. Let’s be transparent with our employees as well as customers. L - Learn every day. E - Empathy. Always try to understand the other persons point of view. 


How to contact Matt:


How to get a Deal Funded:


Go to to fill out their simple application or send your deal to:


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