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Mar 21, 2018

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Ray Williamson brings 28 years of lending experience to today's show. He is currently with LendingHome. 

This company serves the residential fix and flip market by providing funding for both the acquisition of properties and the rehab associated with getting these homes re-sold at a profit to both the borrower and LendingHome

GETTING STARTED: Ray's start in the mortgage industry involves a 17-year run with First Franklin Financial that included starting as a processor and developing into a production Vice President that was responsible for 70 employees in both sales and operations roles. This team originated over $1.5B of annual production that was #1 or 2 in a company of 35 territories.

HOW TO DO WITH RAPID GROWTH Create a system that allows the end user experience to ultimately benefit from their ability to scale. 

HOW TO BE READY TO GET YOUR NEXT DEAL FUNDED? Lending prepares a tailored lending experience to identify owners / borrowers experience to create a loan structure that will continue to benefit you and adapt as you grow. Regardless of your experience Lending Home has many products to help your fix and flip business take it to the next level!

HOW TO CONTACT RAY: Website: Lending Home