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Jan 30, 2018

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Get ready for an amazing interview with digital marketing master Trevor Chapman. In this interview alone he has gave us information that most people have to spend thousands of dollars to hear. He has successfully trained hundreds of students how to start their own six and seven figure businesses from home. He also founded ecomcon which is the largest event in the industry that has ever occurred.

"I had a buddy who sold pest control and he invited me to come sell with him. I killed it that first year but it wasn't because I was more talented the other guys. If they worked five hours I work ten, if they worked six hours I worked twelve. I was determined to be number one, if I am going to spend my time on it I might as well be the best. One thing lead to another and I had dropped out of college and started my own business. That was right before the summer of 2008."

"My obligation as an entrepreneur, as a father, and my civic responsibility was to satisfy a need. Once that need is met then I can focus on my desire. People too often get caught up in trying to pursue their passion, they think that once they become an entrepreneur they are suddenly on a private jet to Fiji. That's what I teach my kids. I got caught up in jumping from one passion to another in the first five years of building my business. You just can't succeed like that."

"1400s' - 1500s' the people who moved the needle were the people out there on the oceans exploring. 1700s' people who focused on science, art, and music moved the needle. The industrial revolution, people were figuring out ways to mass produce goods and services.Today, who is it? People might say its the guys writing code. But nobody will ever see that code without a good marketer. So, to answer your question, what's the best advice Trevor Chapman can give you? Be a marketer."


Twitter/Instagram: @JTrevorChapman

Thank you for listening! We hope you got as much value from this interview as we did.