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The Real Estate Investing Foundation Podcast

Jun 30, 2017

Do you want more time? Then wake up earlier and give yourself more time! You deserve it! In this episode, Jason and Pili discuss the benefits of having a morning ritual.

Jun 28, 2017

Charisma and energy radiate from this Humble Gardener and Real Estate Investor who lives on a reservation in South Carolina. Alex Franks seeks simplicity, connection and accountability. He started flipping houses 2001 and, like most, had no idea what he was doing. Alex built his own rental portfolio 2003-2006 using hard...

Jun 23, 2017

Today we talk about our latest Apartment Acquisition with Oak Capital Partners employee of the month and managing partner, Kevin Dowling. Last month we closed on a 94 Unit Apartment complex in Louisville, Kentucky. Today we are holding ourselves publicly accountable and want to share the highlights of this amazing...

Jun 21, 2017

Mike Simmons and Mike Cowper are the biggest wholesalers in Michigan. Under their direction, Return on Investments LLC has been actively doing 10-15 deals a month by marketing to homeowners and assigning the contracts to investors of all specialties.

And they are laying it all out HERE for you!

Mike Simmons is also...

Jun 16, 2017

All the interviews posted so far have been with our personal mentors in different facets of REI. Apartment Investing and Syndication, House Flipping and Wholesaling and Turn Key Investing. But how did we find these Amazing Mentors? Why did we find them? Please listen for the answer!!!